I have known Rabbi Klirs for many years. In the moral wilderness that we find ourselves in today, she has remained a beacon of progressive Judaism for me. Some people talk the talk, but Rabbi Klirs walks the walk. She is principled, inclusive, and unpretentious, with a deep commitment to ethics, tikkun olam, and rigorous Jewish learning. I am proud she will be officiating at the bar mitzvah of my son.
- Leigh Altman
Some people decide a career based on their educational interests, for Rabbi Tracy Klirs, becoming a Rabbi has been her calling. When giving a sermon or a D'var Torah, her talks are thought-provoking and stimulating. Rabbi Klirs is warm and genuine with no hidden agendas. She has opened her home to my family and others at holiday times. These home services are always creative and innovative, introducing new traditions for my family that have been integrated into our own family holiday celebrations. As a teacher/tutor, whether working with a child or adult, she is able to adjust her teaching style to the needs of her student. Rabbi Klirs' flexibility to meet the needs of both the individual and the group, as a whole, is awe-inspiring!
- Deborah Leighton
Hi Rabbi Klirs, We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working sooooo hard every day, on Shabbat and holidays for the past years to fill our children's minds and hearts so very much with the love of God and Torah and showing them all the ways and importance of doing good deeds.

We certainly hope that you continue your success and find your new position as the Director of the Religious School in Charlotte fulfilling and satisfying. We are certain that the parents and the children at Temple Israel in Charlotte will be as happy as we were if not more!!!!

We wish you success and much happiness in the future!!!! Thank you & we'll miss you.
- The Farajollah family
Ramin, Navid, Arisna, Brandon & Justin
Rabbi Klirs,

Robin and I would like to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the Synagogue, the Hebrew School and our Community. Brett has enjoyed his Hebrew school experience to date, during your tenure. The work on the re-imagine project has made significant improvement in our program.

I must say that the Tallit project was a wonderful experience for Brett and I. He is very proud of his creation and cannot wait to wear it 'for real.'

Best wishes to you and your family. May your future endeavors bring you much joy, happiness and fulfillment. With our love,

- Robin, Marc and Brett Figelman
Rabbi Klirs helped prepare my oldest daughter for her bat mitzvah. Molly's confidence on the bimah was hands down a direct reflection of the work she and Rabbi Klirs completed together. We are forever grateful for the mass amount of Jewish education Molly absorbed from their short time working together.
- Stephanie Simon
Dear Rabbi Klirs: It has been a pleasure getting to know you at Temple Israel, including your visits to Temple Beth El. More importantly I appreciate everything you did for me and my family both before and after my wife, Sandy's passing. Shalom.

- Joe Freiberg
Dear Rabbi Klirs,

Thank you so much for all your hard work and all the great things you have done for all the kids. I can't speak for all the kids from Hebrew school but I can surly tell you that my children Matthew and Maya love you dearly and they appreciate everything u have done for them through the years. Good luck and best wishes,

- the Somekh family
Rabbi Klirs is a kind, compassionate, and caring spiritual leader. She is very knowledgeable in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Judaic Studies. I would recommend her for Jewish life cycle events.

- Greg Musa
Dear Rabbi Klirs, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the positive impact you've had on myself and my family's lives. I enjoyed the educational classes and the alternative Shabbat services that you lead. I will always be grateful for your time and thoughtfulness.
- David Borenstein
I so enjoyed learning from Rabbi Klirs during and after my conversion to Judaism. I appreciated her willingness and ability to hold multiple perspectives in conversation with one another while working to create meaningful Jewish experiences relevant to each of her students.
- Kendra Watkins
I met Rabbi Klirs at Temple Israel shortly after I moved to Charlotte, just before the High Holidays. I remember the first time I saw her during the service - she looked so gracious, with a truly original style. Her approach to Judaism reflects a depth of Jewish knowledge which she conveys with all her heart and real compassion. She is also a wonderful person and a great rabbi; I am honored to know her and have thanked her repeatedly for showing me yet another angle in my ever-growing vision of Judaism.
- Pierre Pratt
An outstanding rabbi, teacher and mentsch. Rabbi Klirs was always extremely prepared for every class she taught. Her sermons from the pulpit were always engaging and informative. She spoke at our grandson's school baccalaureate program and the faculty were most impressed. She has always taken a personal interest in the members of our congregation. We miss her and wish her the best.

- Donald Herbstman
She is so very compassionate and kind. I feel unconditional caring from this lovely woman who brings her knowledge of Judaism in everything she does into beautiful teaching moments. She is an excellent counselor as well.
- Ginger Reynolds Snitz
Rabbi Klirs is not only extremely knowledgeable, but she has a compassionate heart and always is willing to help, listen, teach, or comfort.
- Beth Feir Stillitano
She is very passionate about what she does!! Extremely family oriented and knows how to balance family and work.
- Kim Brodsky Maguire
Rabbi Klirs has a fabulous spirit that inspires all who know her.
- Betsy Caplan MacCarthy
Through her kindness, knowledge and example, Rabbi Klirs has inspired us with her love, understanding and appreciation of Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Chasadim. Rabbi Klirs is professional while at the same time caring and compassionate.
We have always found her sermons to be clear, concise, educational and uplifting.
- Zigmund Stern
Rabbi Klirs offers a unique combination of extensive knowledge, informed spirituality, and a friendly demeanor that welcomes exploration, learning, and worship. Her alternative services were always stimulating and often shed new light on otherwise stale texts and traditions, lending unexpected depth to Jewish prayer and concepts. Her sermons were always informative and engaging. I am envious of the community that has the chance to benefit from her presence.
- Michael Rotberg
Rabbi Klirs was my Rabbi until a few months ago. We always found her to be most passionate, an engaging speaker and presenter whether through a sermon, at class or a special service her compassion and knowledge always shone through. Our loss will be someone else's gain
- Richard Freiberg
I m honored to review Rabbi Tracy Klirs! When she officiated at alternative services at Temple Israel, her teachings and comments on the Torah portion that week were informative and inspirational. Her supportive demeanor made it easy for all of us to share our experiences with the group. An extra treat was her ability to combine music with the service, using rhythm instruments. She is a teacher and "Rabbi's Rabbi" and I highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to participate in a class led by the Rabbi or to use her teaching skills as a private tutor.
- Linda Levy
Rabbi Tracy Klirs is a genuine friend first, a Jewish professional with various obligations second. The following well illustrates this:

My wife Leigh, of blessed memory, & I took a leave of absence from Temple Israel, Charlotte, NC due to a philosophical difference with the Temple board. During this time, Leigh & I non-renewed our memberships. In this same time period, Leigh faced medical issues & was house bound. Rabbi Klirs visited Leigh on several occasions, knowing we were not Temple Israel members. Rabbi Klirs was professionally obligated to visit Temple israel members. Rabbi Klirs was personally driven to check on a friend, regardless of synagogue affiliation.
- Robert Jacobson